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Hey all you DB/Z/GT fans hows it goin out there?! I'm updating the website more with new movies, new quiz, new ultimate battle, updated power levels, and also THE BUDOKAI TOURNAMENT is up! Come join the Tournament and fight other dbz fighters. Their are new DBZ vudeos out on the beginning of the Boo saga where Gohan goes to high school (I feel sorry for the guy because I hate school) and Goku fights in the after world Tournament! I have the tapes and they are really good! Paikkon is Goku's latest challenge in these tapes. So if you like to see Goku kick butt like only he can then get these tapes! By way sign my guestbook and tell me what do you think! Enjoy and God bless! KAMEHAMEHA!!!! Don't forget to visit: SK's Domain! and SSJ4 Vegeto's Warriors of the Dragon Homepage 2 awesome dragonball z homepages about not only DBZ but other anime out their!

Updated: Today I updated the Power Levels they are now offically right! I fixed them up so if you wanna know how strong the Dragonball Characters are then go check out the power levels. Also I added a new movie and fix some I have the movie where Gohan turns SSJ2 for the first time as well now! Later on I'll be updating the quiz, ultimate battle, and possibly more images.


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Bardock says: WOW!! Your Power Level is awesome...
Bardock: (Puts on Bandanna) However, sometimes its the smartest fighter who wins not the strongest! Believe me I can see your weakness from here HAHAHAHA!