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Welcome to the Animation page these animations aren't mine so I give full credit to the SREDBZ homepage and JKwok44 enjoy them I'll try to get more later peace out!

DBZ Animations

KAIOKEN!!: Goku doing the Kaioken Times 3!
Take this!: Gotenks shooting ki blasts
ARRRRGGGH!!!: SSJ2 Goku powering up!
I'm taking you down!!: SSJ2 Vegeta blasting ki
A very bright kid!: SSJ Gohan powering up
I'm going to summon all my power: SSJ3 Gotenks charging up
I'm ready now: Super Goku 4 powering up
Now I'm MAD! Who took my cookies!!: Future Trunks goes SSJ
Okay now you peed me off: Future Trunks in SSJ powering up
Lets fight now!: SSJ2 Gohan powering up
I'll destroy you all!! HAHA!!: SSJ Gohan blasting a ki beam
Spirit Bomb!: Goku throwing S.Bomb
Power Up!: Goku powering up to SL.4 Goku and firing a Kamehameha
Ultimate Battle: Cell vs Gohan
Big Bang: Vegeta blasting Big Bang
Piccolo vs Garlic Jr.: Piccolo punching Garlic Jr.!
Kaioken: Kaioken Attack!!
Kaioken ARRGGHHH!!!: Goku powering up in Kaioken form!
SSJ Goku: SSJ Goku standing after just going SSJ for the first time
Turn up the Heat!!: Gohan powering up!!
Take This!!!: Gohan flies THROUGH Garlic Jr.!!!
Energy Blasts!!!: Gohan shooting 2 energy blast like Goku does.
You have a WEAK power level: Ginyu with his scouter on reading Goku's power level and simling