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Welcome to my awards website where you can see the awards you can win for now I've only made these two awards but some more are soon to come so e-mail me to see if you can win one of these awards but of course you have to meet these requirements.

1. Must have at a good image gallery
2. A good number of hits at least over 200
3. Good homepage design
4. A link to my homepage
5. Gohan must be one of your favorite characters
6. Must have signed my guestbook(give me your real name)

1. Must have over 500 hits on your homepage
2. My banner link to your webpage
3. Must have signed my guestbook twice
4. Good number of something(ex:images, animatons, movies, etc.)
5. A great webpage design(better then the 1st award requirement number 3)
6. Of course Gohan must be one of your favorite characters