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This is my DB quiz try to see if you can get a high powerlevel on here have a good time! The powerlevels below go by how many you got right.

1 = 20,000
2 = 50,000
3 = 100,000
4 = 200,000
5 = 500,000
6 = 800,000
7 = 150,000,000
8 = 350,000,000
9 = 500,000,000

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1. What 3 people did Gohan train under?

Piccolo, Krillin, and Kaioshin
Piccolo, Goku, and Kaioshin
Piccolo, Goku, and Krillin
Piccolo, Guru, and Goku

2. True or False? Goku is older then Krillin.


3. How old was Bulma when she first met Goku?


4. How comes Goku and Chi-Chi never had to work for a living?

Thats how the anime was created.
They built the must of everything theirself.
Ox King(Chi-chi's father) supported them both since he was rich himself.
Goku won Budokai Tournaments in which he won zillions of dollars.

5. Who became the president of Capsule Corporation after Dr. Brief's?


6. Nameks have these 3 unique things about them.

born to fight, don't need food(just water), have special powers
don't need food(just water), can't stand whistling, are peaceful
can reproduce/regenerate, don't need food(just water), have special powers
can't stand whistling, can reproduce/regenerate, and don't need food(just water)

7. True or False: Gohan doesn't turn Super Saiyan later after reaching Mystic Stage(Stronger then SSJ form)?


8. What was the name of Planet Vegeta before it was conquered by the saiyans?

Planet Plant
Planet Tufull
Planet Vegeta
Planet Baby

9. Who does Kaio-shin come in search for on earth?

The most powerful fighters

10. Did the future change after Future Trunks went back into the future?

Yes (Because Goku lived and the Androids were destroyed including Cell)
No (But he kills Androids 17, 18, and Cell in the future restoring peace)