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Freeza and Goku are both bloody and then Freeza out of no where moves fast enough to hit Goku with his tail followed by a kick to the back of the neck then a ki blast. After the smoke clears Freeza with a smile on his face waits and there is no Goku!!! Freeza(can't sense ki) but then Goku fires a kamehameha at Freeza out of no where but Freeza dodges it and then they start to fight fast for 1 minute. Towards the end of the min. Goku gets in 3 kicks to the face and a fierce punch as well sending Freeza flying backwards. Goku then teleports behind him and tries kicks him from his back side but Freeza disappears then reappears behind Goku blasting a ki ball on his back send Goku through a mountian!!! Freeza then charges forward with all his energy and then throws a mega punch at Goku but Goku's fist meets with Freeza's and then Goku's hair turns yellow, his eyes turn blue, and his body pumps up with big muscles, and a loud battle cry is heard!!!! Goku is in SSJ form!!! Freeza then quickly tries to use his other fist but Goku moves faster and punches a hole through Freeza in the stomach then he pushes him foward and fires a ki blast strong enough to send the lizard man back to the next dimesion!!!

Goku: Your a challenge for me in my regular form but in Super Saiyan form your just like a little toy to me!

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