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Freeza is badly hurt on the ground just about knocked out and Goku is forming the Spirit Bomb. However the S.bomb is taking longer then it should and Freeza is starting to get back up!! Goku decides to use the S.bomb energy that he has now since Freeza is back up and very angry!!! Goku then waits for Freeza to charge foward at him and then throws the S.bomb right at him and a explosion then happens. Goku falls to his knees thankful that the S.bomb was enough to finish off Freeza but then Goku sensing Freeza near by looked right up and there was Freeza looking down at him!! Freeza then grabbed Goku by his whole head and started beating Goku with his tail and with punches and kickes. Finally Freeza throws Goku up high in the air and then does his invisible eye explosion attack on Goku and destroys him!!

Freeza: FOOL!!!! You should know that I'm the most powerful fighter in the galaxity. But.......I guess it just saiyan stupidity!! HA!