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After suffering really bad attacks Goku still gets up bloody and badly hurt. Freeza then points his finger(finger near thumb) upwards while in the air all of a sudden a small round ball forms at the top of that finger. Then a vision comes upon Goku and he sees his father(Bardock) gathering ki in his hand and then Freeza with that same attack being used(with his finger pointing upwards and ki growing bigger and bigger) after he sees how his the planet Vegeta and his father dies!! Goku thinks fast and decides to use the destructo disc and(Freeza is still up in the air with his finger pointing upward and the small ki)launches at Freeza!!! Freeza smiles and then laughes and says the exact same thing he said when he destroyed Vegeta: FOOL!!!!! Freeza then waited for the disc to get real close and then pointed his finger at it and a HUGE KI BALL came out of the finger! The disc was ate up inside the Death Ball and then Freeza threw the ball right at Goku(Freeza then got off earth). Goku catching the death ball with his hands tried to counter it back at him but because he was so badly hurt he didn't have enough energy to do so and was eatin up by the death ball. Thus he died just like his father did and so did planet earth.